Cloud accounting software

ERPNext is excellent cloud-based accounting package for SMBs and Large-Scale Industries with an exceptional interface and cost-effective pricing. According to study about 20% of business fails before they complete one financial year of business. This is because of lack of proper financial management and bookkeeping. Effective cloud-based accounting software can do lot to prevent your business from falling into this trap by providing right track statistics. Financial bookkeeping is not as easy as expected. Business owners find it challenging.  Questions like are we profitable? are we VAT compliant? . Are we hitting our budget numbers?..

ERPNext is VAT compliant?

The VAT feature is vaialble in ERPNext latest version. We have maped VAT 5% for UAE/ KSA . The VAT feature is available in ERPNext latest version. We have mapped VAT 5% for UAE/ KSA.    GCC VAT is available in ERPNext and Craft interactive has implemented successfully in 50+ clients in middle-east. We can sort VAT ledger’s as input account and output account so both sales and purchase can be extracted easily from general ledger. We can also have a option of consolidated total VAT. Craft Interactive also has developed customized FTA VAT uploading format report in ERPNext and which will live soon


Reporting is usually done in the form of financial statements. ERPNext provide all accouting standard reports …

Trail Balance 

Profit & Loss

Cash Flow Statement

Balalnce Sheet


General Ledger

General Ledger

PDC Report -

Accounts Payable and recivables report (Customer wise- sales person wise)

Gross Prifit Report ( Invoice wise- item wise- Item group wise - Brand wise -customer wise)

How long do you spend on paperwork and spreadsheets?

Most business owners spend more time piecing parts of their business together than growing it. Or trying to figure out how software can work together? Integrating different software is expensive and a mess. This is your chance to simplify. All your business can be managed in ERPNext.

  1. One App – All your departments on single platform
  2. Do more with less – Most of your business process can be automated.
  3. Peace of Mind – A hassle-free solution made with your business in mind
  4. Grow your business – Have a centralized database that is easily accessed.