Automation of Project & Services @ EUC

Mr. Naji Kassem Hamad started European United Company small and with big passion. The was goal was to deliver quality service to customer and build his own entrepreneur empire. They offer 24/7 emergency response service. They started with the vision and objective to provide best and durable services and support in the field of Automatic controls, Artificial grass coverings for home and buildings in UAE and all-over Middle east. They provide a wide range of high-end brands, offering a one-stop shop for customers seeking the best for their homes and businesses. At EUC, they specialize in Supply, Installation and Maintenance on all our products that are specifically designed and fabricated to customers’ projects and requirements.

Thought for ERPNext

It wasn’t always this way, however. Indeed, it took some time for Mr. Naji Kassem Hamad – Owner of EUC to take decision to switch his current business process from traditional software to ERPNext. He conducted several researches of ERP Solutions and checked with previous IT providers for the best system to automate his Business process. Finally, he discovered an open source solution ERPNext with several trails and process mapping exercise. He had several confusions as to map his business process he needs to customize ERPNext.

“Prior to ERPNext, the company was using several different non-integrated software systems and spread sheets to manage their operations.”

Challenges with European United Trading

Since EUC started the company immediately took off. The growth was already impressive and getting difficult to manage with their day to day hectic operation schedules. Prior to ERPNext, the company was using several different non-integrated software systems and spread sheets to manage their operations with the rapid growth of EUC it was difficult for them to manage the process manually. Some of the issues like

  • Customer data has to be entered into multiple systems, which created data integrity problems,
  • Several Spreadsheets were using to manage their CRM, without proper CRM they were not able to manage sales pipeline and follow-ups.
  • Projects and inventory had no connection so the issue of material to the projects had no control and it affected prompt delivery too.
  • Sales Department, Warehouse, Project supervisor, and Delivery team had no connections.

Implementation of ERPNext

Craft Interactive Implemented ERPNext with much bigger scope of solution. Implementing fully integrated CRM module with ERPNext CRM they can easily follow-up their sales prospects. It allows them to manage their pipelines.

Integrating ERPNext Sales and Projects and Inventory, all transfer information to the sales are streamlined. All expenses and revenue are tracked against projects. This increase they’re overall efficiency.

Implemented work-flow, Track on Leads to Opportunity to Quotation and to sales Order and Projects. Managing their stock levels with ERPNext Stock module and ERPNext Accounting modules automates their entire financials.

Customer Service

After successful implementation they were happy with the excellent customer care and the assistance and their support with Craft Interactive technology the best erp software . Craft were able do successful implementation in 6 weeks of time. Overall EUC Felt they had received a high-quality solution, with outstanding customer service for a reasonable price.

Industry: Home Automation

Modules: CRM, Projects, Accounting, HR


Employees: 25+