Have you ever dreamed of creating sophisticated and comprehensive reports on your income and the commissions of your sales teams? Can you use filters while keeping your report data up to date? Well, this dream has come true, thanks to Odoo 14. The latest version of Odoo 14 comes with an intuitive tool that allows you to create automatically updated reports.

Yes, you read correctly! Any new lead won or any new sale concluded will automatically be added to the reports. Just refresh your page and start improving your business intelligence skills to follow the Odoo 14 style. The functionality is fully integrated into all Odoo 14 apps.


New featuers in Odoo 14

As Odoo matures and therefore the functionality is enhanced, one among the goals is to make sure that it remains easy to use and navigate. Odoo 14 brings significant UI and UX changes to make sure that simple use isn't overrun by functionality as has occurred with a number of their competitors.

Here is a quick list of some changes coming in Odoo 14

  • Redesigned Website Builder
  • Cross-App Integration
  • New BI Tools
  • Automated CRM and Improved Sales Management
  • New widgets allowing quick access to commonly used options
  • Shortcuts for email, SMS, and snooze in CRM module
  • Reworked daily task view within the CRM module
  • Data Cleaning Module
  • New Website Snippets

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