Cloud ERP, the point to be noted

As per the study cloud ERP implementation has been increased rapidly after 2015 because of cost
effectiveness and rapid implementation. There are several advantages of implementing cloud-
based ERP to an organization. Cloud based ERP has been effectively implementing in Manufacturing and Trading industries. Craft interactive Technologies is leading Cloud based ERP Solution provider in Dubai, UAE. We can help to manage finance, accounting, Manufacturing, Trading, Inventory, stock, CRM and other customized modules. Some of the advantages of cloud ERP has been mentioned below.


Many industries and software companies in Dubai have turned to implement cloud ERP system for efficient documentation and generation of data remotely. 90% of private workforce in Dubai are employed with SMEs, who are now using cloud-based documentation apps which otherwise would have jeopardised. Cloud based technologies are widely used in public sectors too and with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is gaining more traction and visibility.When taking the world picture at large, including Dubai, we notice how many people started depending on cloud erp software across various business fields. While becoming socially distanced, people have become digitally closer.

Frappe cloud is the best hosting solution for erpnext. Those who have challenge in command prompt can easily launch erpnext with front end interface. Frappe cloud has very cheap pricing. The key benefit of frappe cloud is version updates and integrating custom apps has been made easy. installing erpnext latest version in frappe cloud will take only few minutes and and we can migrate erpnext from other hosting cloud servers like Digitalocean, Linode to Frappe cloud easily.Site management and automatic backup solution is easy in frappe cloud.

At this point, there are many factors that will prompt you to consider ERPNext. Establishing trust in the virtual world is not an easy task. The main feature of ERPNext is the deliverance of trust and transparency to its customers. It is an open software that is easily affordable and manageable. Be it your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the cross-compatibility of ERPNext  will help you manage your business without any geographic limitations. Its flexibility along with comprehensive user interface will make it user friendly and you can easily customize it according to your requirement. For instance, the common accounting software, seems to be outdated and has a lot of limitations to catch up with the current pace of economic growth.

However, all business transactions including accounting, administration, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management and Sales, website (with shopping cart) are all included in ERPNext in a high – end level.

If you are someone whose business is concentrated in production, retail and distribution, then ERPNext will undoubtedly suit you the best.

One of the main plan of actions taken during the 50th World Economic Forum was to facilitate business continuity and for this, you need to have access to the right tool. We, at Craft Interactive Technologies, being the global official ERPNext partner will help you implement this cloud ERPNext software in a very economical and affordable manner. As ERPNext partner in UAE we provide implementation, training and customization. ERPNext has been listed as best cloud software in uae by users. Our ERPNext pricing is very cost effective in the Dubai market. We have over 40 client across the Middle East in a span of two years since our inception. We hope you to associate with us for a better and efficient cloud-erp business solutions.