From Chaos to Successful implementation

Manzil Healthcare Services, is a leading healthcare company providing home health and disease management services in the community. Manzil Healthcare employs 400+ people around the globe and provides wide range of service within Mother & Baby, Physiotherapy, wound Management, Ventilation, Medicine Infusion, Vitamin infusion, Senior Care, Corporate wellness etc. Manzil Health, one of the leading Home Health and Disease Management companies in the UAE, has been awarded the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA). The award is in its 17th cycle in 2018-2019, and is in honour and recognition of Manzil’s “commitment to excellence”. As defined by EFQM, organizations that are rated excellent are those that successfully achieve and sustain an outstanding level of performance that meets or even exceeds the expectations of all their stakeholders.

Manzil is the only home health company that has received this honourable award in 2018-2019. Manzil Health operates with the mission to transform healthcare by providing high quality care to patients in their comfort zone.

ERPNext Steals the Thunder from Oracle and Tally

Until 2019, Every department has its own software. Accounting, controlling and invoicing had been managed by Tally software and Spread Sheets. This has become a complicated system to Manage and maintain. And with volume of data upload and data management the risk of losing data was quite high and other operations were handled by Oracle which was not implemented properly. Manzil Health care identified that it is time to change.

Mr. Yasser Quraishy, UAE Country Director had done research in the market possibility and narrowed it down to Open source solution and Listed ERPNext as possible solution. Though there were lot of premium branded products available, he chooses ERPNext as its highly scalable and we can customize the product to the companies need. However, once he discovered ERPNext he contacted Craft Interactive Technology as Listed ERPNext partner in Middle-east. With Craft Interactive Technology implementation of ERPNext was quick and simple. Manzil Health Care is very happy with their decision and with their partner, Craft Interactive Technology with whom they work still hand in hand to implement the system.

Becoming better every day with ERPNext

ERPNext has improved lot of daily procedures within Manzil Health care. Most importantly Invoicing and Accounting work has been automated with easy spreadsheet uploads to the system and Reviewing MIS reports correctly. Now they have more transparency and free to focus on the core business. Craft Interactive Technology has successfully implemented HR process for Manzil Health Care. Now they are generating Payslips and managing employee information system through ERPNext effectively.

ERPNext Provided Manzil to focus more on what’s important. Craft Interactive Technology makes sure that their each department receive best possible support and value. Manzil health care strives to become better and help others every day, with ERPNext.

About Craft Interactive Technology- an official Silver Partner of ERPNext

Craft Interactive Technology consist of professional software engineers dedicated to ERPNext implementation and help clients to achieve their goals faster. With proven Implementation record of 40+ Clients in UAE they take pride in ERPNext implementation.

Craft Interactive Technology is a UAE based Erp Software Company. We cater to a wide spectrum of computerization in Management and Information Technology. We have working experience with large Enterprises as well as SMEs and Startup companies. We provide solutions according to your specific needs so that its help you to achieve your business goals. the perfect blend of technical excellence, business performance monitoring, business intelligence and customer experience management is makes us endearing to our client.

Thanks to Manzil Healthcare to the professionalism for their team, with their support we were able to Implement ERPNext successfully. Today Craft Interactive Technology LLC has strong competencies and active participation in ERPNext community.