Automate your business with Opensource

Automate your business with Opensource – ERP like ERPNext. ERPNext is an integrated suite of application that includes modules for project management, billing, accounting, inventory management, manufacturing and purchasing, payroll system software, HR Personal Software. Those modules can communicate each other to efficiently seamlessly. Craft Interactive has effective delivery model in Open Source Development services.

                               OpenSource- ERPNext

Craft Interactive has secured great position in ERPNext customization and ERPNext Implementation. To define a best open source ERP, we have to go through the features, Pricing and support by the service providers. ERPNext is listed the most promising open source ERP Solutions in the world. The popularity if Open Source ERP is because of the benefits it provides compared to other Premium ERP. Most of the Open source erp is web based. You can trust Craft interactive as Open source development company in Middles East. Middle- East is the one of the emerging target markets for Open source erp and Craft Interactive has excelled our efficiency in this sector.

How Much Does Open Source Erp Cost?

It totally depends on customization, consultation and Training required by customer. Installation and Technical support would of course never be free.Opense