ERPNext – Manufacture Implementation.

Craft Interactive have handful of experience in implementing ERP for Manufacturing companies.  Each manufacturing company will have their own processes and policies. So ERP should work according to that. Apart from the standard manufacturing process in the ERPNext software, we have customized the manufacturing module for several companies in middle east.  In the standard process flow, there will be Bill of Materials(BOM), Production Plan, Work Order, Stock entries, Job Card etc. For a normal manufacturing companies, ERPNext standard software will automate their entire process. But if you need any customized process flow, we can help you to implement the same. We are working with some of the large steel companies in UAE. Also some of the SME’s are also using the manufacturing module for their production. There are couple of standard reports in the manufacturing module. But apart from that you can design your own reports in ERPNext. If you want to automate your manufacturing process, or if you are unable to track the inventory in production, ERPNext software will give you the complete solution.

ERPNext for Laboratory Management

For laboratories, testing with different parameters and its result plays a crucial role on their daily operation. Craft Interactive customized ERPNext software for laboratories so they can completely automate their operations in a cloud software. This includes the quotation, different tests with different parameters, sampling & scheduling, managing recurrent sales orders, reminders, invoicing etc. You can define different test methods and also you can assign the parameters to that. You can keep separate pricing for each customer for the same items.  Your users will get reminders about the pending tests that are waiting for the sampling or waiting for the results. Also, if anybody missed to invoice the customer, that also will come to your dashboard.

ERPNext – Implementation for Trading & Distribution

Craft Interactive Technology has successfully implemented several trading businesses in UAE. We have implemented Use cases like multiple warehouse, Multiple company, Multi currencies, Multi item variants and moreover. We have successfully mapped all print formats for different printers used in trading companies like DOT matrix, and Laser Printers. We also had mapped intercompany transactions and multiple price lists and successfully implemented for distribution companies in UAE by making using of ERPNext- mobile version for online invoicing. We have customized some reports like PDC register, SOA statement, Profit analysis report-ITEM/ Customer/ Brand-wise.

ERPNext – Implementation for Service & Projects Business

Craft Interactive has implemented ERPNext for Service based companies who converts their sales orders to projects and also monitor task and time sheet for projects. ERPNext has successfully mapped the Cost and revenue mapping for each project. You can create tasks and activities against each project and also you will be able to monitor the progress of each erp software project.  You can assign the users against each task. Gantt chart is also available in ERPNext to see the project progress in graphical view. Even in ERPNext you can link Journal vouchers with projects so all expenses against projects has been captured. Companies implemented ERPNext can make sure the running projects are really profitable or in loss by viewing the MIS reports of ERPNext.

ERPNext- HR implementation

Craft Interactive has successfully implemented HR and Payroll module of ERPNext for several big companies having 700+ employees. Starting from employee onboarding to Employee settlement all process has been automated using ERPNext HR Module. There employee self service portal  will help the employee to apply for leave using mobiles app or their own login with limited access. We can automate the payroll process completely in ERPNext. You can integrate your attendance machine with ERPNext software so that you don’t have to worry about the late coming or early goings. Craft Interactive has implemented all standard reports which is required in uae like WPS reports and end of service reports.

ERPNext – CRM Implementation

Craft interactive has successfully implemented CRM module for few big companies where they have big sales team. We have integrated their emails to ERPNext CRM module where it automatically pulls your enquiry to lead and the to opportunity. Craft Interactive have customized Cost sheet module for clients who want to calculate their cost before sending quotation to any client. Craft Interactive have mapped their quotation process which can be pulled automatically from Opportunity. Then the user can send the quotation from the ERPNext software itself that will increase productivity. You will have all CRM reports for sales analysis and sales person’s performance.