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Genfocus Electrical Equipment Trading is dealing with all types of electrical items such as Cable Lugs & Glands, Light Fittings, and Earthing & Lighting Materials, with a presence in U.A.E and other G.C.C. countries. The firm was established in 2006 and has achieved remarkable strategic growth in testing equipment with prestigious projects and valuable clients.

The organization’s primary services include cable fault identification, HV and LV cable jointing and termination, and transformer oil filtration. They have different teams across various subregions to manage inventory and ensure on-time delivery of products and services. The team believes in qualitative service and always takes extreme care to consider the safety aspects of its employees and the environment they are working with. The firm designs customized products to meet its customers’ needs and requirements. With its efficient products and services, the firm has managed to become one of the leading companies in the UAE and a pioneer in the power industry.

Industry: Electrical equipment trading

Modules: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Financials, Stock, Projects, Human Resources, and MIS Reports


Employees: 35+

Quick Responses to Market Conditions is the Key to Business Success

Genfocus Electrical Equipment Trading may be one of the leading firms in the UAE, but it does not mean that it is entirely free of challenges. Because of different locations, the team relied on an old legacy system to manage its entire business operations. As a consequence, the Genfocus experienced sluggish revenue growth and slipped back in business rankings. As their data was spread across locations without consolidation, they even faced predicaments in their day-to-day operations, from managing payroll and WPS (Wage Protection System) reports to entering daily expenses of drivers and the logistics department. Aware that they needed to find a new platform for growth, the branch manager of the Trading Division of Genfocus realized that implementing a cloud-based ERP system is a promising option.

The company turned to Craft Interactive Technologies – a Middle East ERPNext partner, to implement a cloud-based (and hence, cost-effective) ERP system capable of processing large volumes of data.

Leveraging Scenario-Based Approach to Identify Business Loopholes

To understand the prospects of implementing a cloud-based ERP system in an electrical equipment trading enterprise, Craft Interactive Technologies used a scenario-based approach to explore how the organization might evolve over two to three years by implementing ERPNext. Working closely with the client’s trading division and employees, the Craft team assessed the areas which required automation.

Craft’s analysis indicated that Genfocus required the implementation of modules such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Financials, Stock, Projects, Human Resources, and MIS Reports.

In light of these findings, Craft worked with the client to identify the bottlenecks in implementing the ERP system implementation. They identified the required capabilities, and analyzed any gaps that needed to be filled. Craft helped the client successfully implement ERPNext.

Achieving Notable Cost Savings with ERPNext

After implementing ERPNext, Genfocus centralized its stock management and automated its complete business processes cost-effectively. The new business model reduced turnaround times by automating their sales process from the legacy system. Some impactful changes that came with the implementation of ERPNext were:

Replaced excel sheets with ERPNext and automated sales processes Centralized stock management Managed Assets with auto depreciation in the Asset module Handled daily expense entries of drivers and the logistics department through the HR module Managed payroll and WPS reports for the UAE salary process Filed UAE VAT by the accounts department Used consolidated MIS reports for better decision making

Within six months of implementing ERPNext, the client achieved notable cost savings and enhanced business efficiency while reducing operational costs by nearly 25%.


A CRM or customer relationship management system deals with front-end information, from managing valuable customer data to enriching customer insights through interactions with marketing and customer support. By implementing CRM Module Genfocus centralized their Prospects , reduced data duplication, enhanced visibility and forecasting, They were able to map their leads and opportunities and also able to convert to quotation easily. CRM module helped them to forecast their sales pipeline and also to track efficiency of the sales team.


The sales module in ERPNext enabled Genfocus to expand and improve sales channels, increase sales volume, and enhance communication with valuable customers based on trade history. With simple configurations, the firm was able to organize and track the sales process efficiently.


The implementation of the ERPNext purchase module streamlined the entire life cycle of the procurement and purchase process, including the purchase of electrical equipment for product development. Apart from this, since ERPNext was implemented, the team at Genfocus was able to manage minute details of its purchases, identify all potential suppliers, enhance billing process, and compare supplier prices.


Implementation of the stock module helped Genfocus optimize inventory, eliminate situations of stock expired goods, and balance availability of stock with sales department needs. They were eventually able to track real-time operations on inventory and incorporate service features on products to drive more sales.


With this simple configuration of accounts module, Genfocus efficiently managed its orders, accounts, inventory, finance, and VAT. Accounts module allowed Genfocus to manage all aspects of its business, including orders, payments, SOA Statements, consolidated MIS reports, bank reconciliation, status, and after-sales-warranty


The beauty of ERPNext is that it can be customized to any extent as per client’s requirement. Craft Interactive tried to automate client business processes in standard ERPNext process flow. In the UAE, there are some specific standards like the WPS report which is downloaded as a ‘.sif’ file and sent to the bank for salary processing. Apart from this, there are some trading standards like when selecting an item its last selling price, and the quantity should be displayed. All of this was incorporated in ERPNext because of the ease of Customization. Biometric device integration was also done for local brands.

Exquisite ERPNext Implementation Process

ERPNext implementation process for Genfocus Electromechanical Contracting Est. followed these steps: Documenting SOW that encapsulates go-ahead plan Gathering the firm’s functional requirements Ensuring deliverables as per quality standards Progression of the design Running the pilot configuration Transitioning from legacy system to ERPNext

What Makes ERPNext Unique?

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, businesses across all the domains are striving hard to gain a competitive advantage. While there are countless automation tools and software to enhance operational efficiency, the cost of implementing these is exceptionally high. This is where ERPNext steps in. With ERPNext, Craft ensures providing businesses the right software cost-efficiently. It is a single software to manage your accounts, inventory, receivables, payables, taxation, payroll, jobs, CRM, and after-sales services. ERPNext’s flexibility, along with a comprehensive user interface, makes it user friendly.

About Craft Interactive Technologies

Craft Interactive Technology is a UAE based software company. They have working experience with large enterprises as well as SMEs. Craft Interactive has successfully completed 3 years and are listed as ERPNext partners in the United Arab Emirates. They have implemented ERPNext in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and we provide solutions according to customer specific needs to help achieve their business goals. Craft Interactive Technology focuses on providing customers with consulting, customization, implementation, and training for ERPNext software.