Craft Interactive successfully implemented ERPNext for INDOCOOL!

As a recognized leader in the composite industry, INDOCOOL has always worked with customers at the heart of its business model. INDOCOOL is dedicated to supporting their clients and innovating in providing high quality composite products towards wind energy, automobiles, farm equipment, railways and petro-chemical in large volumes.

They have been supplying key composite components to major OEMs, and their testimony stands proof of our adherence to safety, production quality, on-time delivery, consistency, and global export capability. With ample infrastructure, and constant upgradation of technology, safety, and quality certifications and worldwide trade. INDOCOOL are headquartered in Chennai and have manufacturing plants in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, India.

Problem faced

INDOCOOL were facing a huge problem where their existing system wasn’t catching up to their standards as time went by to streamline their operations. Here are some of the problems faced by them:

  1. Client management: They were unable to manage their clients data and retain them due to improper process within the system.
  1. Manufacturing issues: Being a manufacturing company, it became essential for INDOCOOL to have a system where the process of manufacturing can be customised according to their own liking and saving costs in the process. 
  1. Trading process: The company trades internationally meaning, they need software where they would be seamlessly able to record their transactions and have vendor details in one place.  
  1. HR related operations: A big company like INDOCOOL was not able to keep track of its employees’ activities resulting in low employee productivity, issues not being addressed on time, delay in payslips, setting improper payroll jargons etc.

What did we implement?

Our team from Craft Interactive Kerala, India, implemented the ERPNext core modules with Manufacturing and HR & Payroll modules to help solve INDOCOOL issues with these departmental operations respectively. With ERPNext core modules the internal operations got streamlined and with the Manufacturing module, their entire production process is being closely recorded in detail and INDOCOOL has everything under control for their production.