The Right Way to Effectively Manage Customer Relationship in the Digital Era

Building and maintaining a trustworthy customer relationship is and always has been the fundamental need of business since the earliest of times. As the world unites to face the current pandemic age, the two pillars of customer loyalty put to the ultimate test are – trust and confidence.

Customer behavior is undergoing a significant change and is most likely to transform into a new normal post COVID. Hence, organizations need to consider starting to prepare the foundation for the “new normal” customer-service model, while delivering an immediate response to the current situation.

Potential changes likely to witness in the customer behavior evolution are as follows:

  • Customer behavior is driven by anxiety and the need for security during the crisis phase.
  • Customer behavior led by constant validation and need for guidance and support during the recovery phase.
  • Customer behavior led by contentment and need for delight during the post-recovery phase.

The key principles on which businesses can base their customer management strategy to keep value intact :

  • Being virtual is no longer a choice, but practice by default – Be available for customers just a click away.
  • Being distant does not mean being disengaged – Brands need to create an outreach program for their customers; consistent and continuous communication to show them you care and what your brand stands for.
  • Create a response strategy based on empathy-driven human experiences.

For example, a customer who contacts a call center might be delighted to have the option of a video call with a real person who’s also working from home and is willing to take as much time as needed to address her question. The video creates a human connection, and the entire CX shows that the company cares — it’s willing to prioritize the quality of the interaction over call-volume efficiency. This experience also shows that the company is taking care of its employees by enabling them to keep working — and to keep getting paid — from home.

Digitally speaking, you can connect with anyone on the planet.

Three fundamental principles to get inside the mind of customers in this digital era are:

  1. Emotional Connection

Emotions mark the beginning and the end of a customer-to-brand relationship. Emotional branding can help an organization to increase its brand awareness and performance. In short, marketing efforts that appeal to the emotions of people are certain to pay off.

Did you win awards for a product? Is your product getting 5-star reviews from your customers? Put them on your website and show your customers that you are trustworthy, not just tell them. Maintaining a consistent brand throughout your company inspires confidence in customers, whether it’s in your advertising campaigns, sales presentations, or on your website.

Customers should be provided with a fantastic, memorable, and emotional experience.

  • Use a CRM to avoid “one size fits all” marketing campaigns by only sending relevant content to your audience.
  • Consult with your clients. Request feedback and suggestions from them, and notify them when you use their ideas in your marketing materials. Let them be your co-creators.
  1. Establish a convincing reason for being in business

Adding value always helps strengthen the relationship you have with your customers, whether in the form of content, software features, or customer service. Even then, there is a new way to connect with your customers’ hearts, and that is to have a purpose. A goal beyond income, profits, and sharing of dividends. Being purpose-driven is a growth driver for your business.

“Profit isn’t a purpose. It’s a result. To have purpose means the things we do are of real value to others.” — Simon Sinek

  1. Leverage your community

Communities will naturally form when you have deep connections with your customers and your brand is purpose-driven. At its core, a brand community is a vital group of clients who supports and promotes your brand whenever they can.

CRM is your game-changer as a business in the Digital Era.

Don’t you want to automatically generate repetitive tasks or want to create leads from the website automatically? Every company spends a significant amount of time responding to emails, but with CRM, this task becomes much easier.

CRM not only assists you in completing your task but also assists you by assigning tasks and taking action when leads become inactive.

The best way to ensure a bright future for the firm is to maintain healthy and productive customer relationships.

ERPNext is the best CRM tool for doing more in less time. Get leads, drive sales, automate mundane tasks and connect with your prospect

Let’s have a look at some ERPNext CRM benefits

  1. Acknowledge every customer

Customer satisfaction and retention is the most significant part of business engagement. Quick reply to the requests and next follow-up date set on leads, ensure there’s constant communication between your company and the potential customer.

A CRM system provides several “customer retention” benefits, such as reminding you of appointments or when to send follow-up emails. But the trick is that CRM can also lead you to reach those customers who were not contacted for a while and perhaps feel neglected.

  1. Be Alway Service-ready

The CRM systems group customers according to their preferences, product interests, and location. You can smartly assign customer service managers or account managers to different areas with this information and equip them with the products and teams required. This will allow you to serve each location quickly.

When you know who you’re communicating with, you can consciously tailor your offer, your strategy, and even your sales pitch!


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  1. Visibility, Accountability, and Faster Resolution

Understanding the customer’s processes, priorities, successes, and failures is a necessity when it comes to sales and management. This information is necessary to take action by creating and testing improvement plans.

ERPnext CRM provides insights into the visibility of the sales to your team. And once properly set up, CRM makes day-to-day sales pipeline visibility almost effortless.

You can create web forms to record customer responses and store them in a doctype. Web forms in ERPNext are much more powerful than the free options available in the market.

Getting timely support for the problems keeps customers happy. Use issue logging, emails, and comment to collaborate, service level agreements to resolve problems on time, set touchpoints, view reports, and more.

  1. Loyalty points

ERPNext loyalty program is one of the most important tools in a marketers toolkit. They can make your customer feel valued, provide customer insights, prompt the customer to spend more, and also bring in more customer referrals.

Loyalty program customers are more likely to advocate your brand by leaving a review on your site. Using loyalty points in ERPNext, you can set what one loyalty point means and allow customers to redeem them. You can create different classes, thresholds on how much customers can earn and spend according to different tiers.

  1. Custom made platform

Create your open source CRM software. Map your most important data by adding custom fields in your forms. Customize form behavior by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, and create custom print formats — all without a single line of code.


Ultimately, Successful businesses know that long-term clients are the key to growth.

The way we do business has been transformed by technology, but it is our responsibility to build, nurture and grow customer relationships over time. To accomplish this, we must begin to consider how you make your customers feel. Because it is their emotions that create a strong bond with you.

With the important strategies and touchpoints mentioned above, you will be able to appeal to the customer’s emotions and build a strong relationship to create an army of loyal supporters.

An omnichannel service that personalizes the customer’s journey can provide an amazing experience for your customers. It is possible with the help of an all-in-one digital experience platform – ERPNext.

Do you want to find out if ERPNext is the right CRM solution for your business? Mail us at or book a demo. Our experts can help you implement strategies to retain customers while also acquiring new ones.